TVM's Curated Craft Club - Subscription Program

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TVM Subscriptions are here!!

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How it works - the short story

Step 1 - The premium box experience or the envelope goodness? Which will you choose?  Click on the product links below and scroll to see what's included in each.

Step 2 - Pick your poison - HTV or adhesive products... or go ahead and get both - we won't stop you!  

Step 3 - Prepay your 1st delivery.  Just add to your cart and check out - easy peasy!  

Step 4 - Wait by the door!  Ok - maybe not... it'll take SOME time.  But it's coming!

We'll be creating a new surprise experience every month! You just sit back and let them come to you. Your membership will renew automatically every month until you chose to cancel.  You can anytime, of course - but you won't want to!  

Dotting our i's & crossing our t's:

  • This is a MYSTERY box.  We take great care in choosing what's included. You cannot choose your products or make substitutions.
  • You'll have access to your personalized client portal where you can pause, cancel or make any account changes.
  • We'll notify you via email before every charge.
  • Once charged, orders will not be refunded.  Please make sure to pause or cancel before that happens.
  • All orders will be shipped - even for our local friends.
  • Subscription items do not count towards the $99 free shipping threshold.

Click here for the long story! (All info, rules and regulations)

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