AlbaChem VLR Vinyl Letter Remover

  • $40.00

We've never ever made a mistake with our iron on projects... never...  (Can you hear the chorus of "liar, liar, pants on fire?")  Ok, ok... Turns out we're human and sometimes things don't go as planned!  Lucky for us - mistakes can be fixed!

AlbaChem Vinyl Letter Removing Solvent completely removes vinyl letters and residues from most fabrics (including tagless labels!).  Oh - and it dries fast too!

This means we can all stop trying to figure out creative ways to upcycle or cover up our messed up t-shirts!  Our apologies to blank t-shirt suppliers.

Click here for specs and directions for use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Brian Francis
Great Product

I bought the VLR vinyl remover to correct a spelling error on a clients sweatshirt and it worked just as advertised plus The Vinyl Menagerie provided such great Service, they gave me a few vinyl samples that I WILL be purchasing very soon as well as a complimentary maple candy and thank you note! Well put together and I will definitely be doing more business with them in the near future. Thank you!

Julie Tremblay
Wow it's like a miracle

I love this product, now I can fix my mistakes before I had to trash my t-shirts.. it's fantastic! THANKS !

Awesome product

I had been struggling with fixing htv mishaps for a while - truly never succeeding in cleaning up the mess with glue being left behind. VLR Vinyl Remover works like magic, it will always be a staple in my shop.

Susan B
Worked okay but not all the glue residue came off

I had a shirt where some of the (red) Siser HTV had peeled off, so I wanted to take the rest off. Granted I have had this shirt for a long time, it was always hand-washed, but also ironed many times to re-adhere some of the vinyl. While I was able to take the vinyl off with a lot of remover and a sharp tool, much of the adhesive remained. Now I am sure if you try this on fresh HTV it would work much better.. (As an aside, dealing with The Vinyl Menagerie was amazing! They were quick to ship and put a little note of encouragement in my package)

Becki Rice
VLR works like a charm

Works great! Lifts vinyl with ease - no longer scrapping mistakes or redoing projects for tiny errors! Use outside if possible - super strong smell!