Orajet 1917 Printable Adhesive Vinyl (Ink Jet)

Orajet 1917 Printable Adhesive Vinyl (Ink Jet)

  • $2.50

Have a complex design?  You'd rather print than layer your adhesive vinyl decal?  We've got you covered!

This vinyl is for use in your desktop Ink Jet Printer.  We highly suggest the use of Oraguard 200 laminate to protect your projects from running and fading.  Click "size" to find them both in one convenient bundle!


  • Sheets are 8.5"x11"
  • The laminate included in this product is matte

Customer Reviews

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Claude Drouin
Orajet 1917 + Oraguard 200 laminate

Product performs well. We'll see overtime how it continue to stick and resist weather since it's for outdoor/water usage

Great printable vinyl

My first printable vinyl project and it worked flawlessly. I used the matte laminate also and after applying cut on the light cardstock setting on the cricut. Will definitely order again as it’s a great product. Thank you.

Cassandra Millier
The only printable vinyl I love and trust!

I ONLY use Orajet 1917 for my printable vinyl needs. I use the Oraguard for laminating it afterwards for added protection and it’s never done me wrong.
It’s easy to maneuver if it gets put in the wrong place, to just peel it back off and put it down, but it also stays put after you’ve applied it for it’s long term position/placement. I’ve used it for logos for businesses, I’ve used it for printed decals on epoxied tumblers as well as non epoxied plastic water bottles and even as stickers. It’s been a great product for me so far :-)
Also, it’s not too thick. Even with the laminate on it, there’s no high edge around the decal. It’s nice.

Lynn Williamson

This one is the best that I have tried.
Winner in my books

Ashley Tjensvold
Top Quality

Perfect thickness and prints gorgeous watercolor stickers with high detail out of both my $89 Canon and my $1100 Epson which both use dye based ink(not waterproof)! I used the matte Oraguard 200 on my stickers and tested the stickers on a water bottle (after the 3 day curing time post-application) by running under the tap, tossing in a hot soapy sink of dishes and walking away, giving it to my 4 year old in the bath tub and finally running through the dishwasher on the "pots and pans" setting. The stickers still look as perfect as when I put them on! I don't believe the manufacturer makes any claims about being dishwasher safe so I wouldn't advertise it, but if they do go in they hold up! Highly recommend! Makes a great quality sticker.